ProCUTter end mills, drills made in Poland

Narzędzia Skrawające TOOLS factory in Siechnice near Wrocław manufactures high quality solid carbide tools.
We ensure the quality of the product at every stage – from the selection of the optimal geometry, the carbide grade, finishing machining and coating, to quality control. All tools – both catalogue tools as well as special tools – are carefully designed, taking into account the specific requirements of the users.

CAD-CAM systems (2D and 3D) are used in the designing process. Production is carried on with the use of modern and high-precision CNC grinding machines.

PROCUTTER cataloque

In the newest PROCUTTER cataloque of standard tools we offer:

  • End mills up to 45 HRC
  • End mills from 45 up to 60 HRC
  • End mills for moulds machining
  • End mills for aluminium >6% Si, copper
  • End mills for difficult to cut materials
  • End mills for PCV/ALU <6% Si profiles, thermoplastics
  • End mills for wood-base materials
  • End mills for composites
  • Drills and spotting drills
  • Chamfering tools

PROCUTTER cataloque 2021

Supplier's address

Narzędzia Skrawające Tools

ul. Grabskiego 25
55-011 Siechnice, Poland